Sep. 20, 2018

Bandh Darwaza Movie Mp4 Download

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A wealthy male banishes a demon, but years later his very own daughter resurrects it.

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original title: Bandh Darwaza

genge: Action,Drama,Horror,Thriller

imdb: 6.7

duration: 2h 25min

keywords: demon, burnedtodeath, castle, bloodsplatter, chase, undead, vampire

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A wealthy male banishes a demon, but years later his very own daughter resurrects it. Unable to conceive, Thakurain Lajjo enlists the help of her maid, Mahua, and approaches a demon named Nevla, who assures her that she will indeed give birth but if it's a daughter, then she must surrender her to him, to which she agrees. Shortly thereafter, she gives birth to a daughter, Kamya, but refuses to surrender it. Mahua poisons her, abducts Kamya, and takes her to Nevla, but Thakur Pratap Singh intervenes just in time, banishes the former to a coffin in a cavern, and rescues his daughter. 18 years later, Kamya herself will be compelled to approach and resurrect Nevla in order to win the love of Kumar - who she is obsessed with - and will do anything to make him her's forever. You guys wondering what the hell i am talking about and who is Radu? Radu is horror Dracula vampire from the movie called subspecies and any one has watched it will know my point of view,In fact band darwaza was released in 1990 before subspecies released in 1991,

Despite of both characters similarity,i regret to say this neola triumphs with his unforgiving devilish performance,blood sucker even sucks the life of the audiences.There are jokes in the movie but that won't ease your blood pressure to normal level,iniquitous,uncanny is at its best,what i would call this vampire as one of the seven chief devils and the tempter of Faust.

I am warning you guys This is non nonsense movie,Young girls and heart patient don't watch this movie or else neola is watching you from the window. This film is not a perfect Ramsay dish because its too long and hard to digest,see the film title is Bandh darwaza but you never find a darwaza in the film you find the Kali pahadi so they could change the title and name KAALI PAHADI just like there other film VEERANA,

The cast is good Vijay ghatge, Hashmat khan and manjit culler were did there job but best part of film is monster Ajay Agrawal,again he was superb, Kunika was looks hot but not like Jasmin in Verena,the Plot of Kaali Pahadi was also good part of film but as i said too long for horror fans, I am a die hard fan of Ramsay bros. for me it same like other Ramsay movie but for other i doubt whether they like or not.


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